Woo Hoo… I am so excited by the fact you are wanting to learn more on how you can get these incredible oils into your home and incorporate them into you and your families daily lifestyle.


Now.. there are a few ways on which you are able to become a doTERRA member and let me step you through it.


RRP - $880 AUD
Wholesale - $635 AUD

This would have to be one of the most popular starter kits. 

I love the fact that not only do you get the top 10 oils (that are included in the home essentials kit), but you also receive a further 6 essential oils to help with your emotions plus a few other top products that you will be wanting. 

A few of my favourites included in this kit are, 

Deep Blue Rub - Assisting your muscles with fatigue, joint and muscle pain, lactic acid, bruising

Easy Air Vapour Stick - which I feel is a must have if you have kids

On Guard items - such as the foaming hand wash, toothpast and beadlets

Clary Calm - Known as the womans blen and is great with supporting us females with hormones and provides relief during our cycle

Past Tense - good for when those nasty headaches arise

Correct X - which I feel is another must for kids. Great for applying to any cuts, wounds, abrasions 

Petal Diffuser - It has 1, 2 and 4 hour settings. Comes with a soft white ambient light (optional), ultra – fine mist that reaches up to 330 square feet and a mist output which helps purify and humidify the air.

This kit provides you with oils that will allow you to remove those harsh chemical based cleaning products and begin to make your own.

** This kit includes your $35 membership


RRP - $440
Wholesale - $330

This kit includes the top 10 oils, a petal diffuser, your membership and  information pack.

Click here to read all about the top 10 oils and how I use them.

** This kit includes your $35 membership


RRP - $232
Wholesale - $174

This kit is the mini version of the home essentials kit, minus the petal diffuser. The bottles are also all 5ml, as opposed to 15ml with the home essentials kit. 

This kit is ideal for anyone who is a bit skeptical about the oils or is perhaps on tight budget, wants to start off small yet still have a wide variety of oils (such as the top 10). 

Smart & Sassy - Is doTERRA metabolic blend which combines; Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Peel, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Root & Cinnamon Bark.

 It was designed as a natural way to manage hunger cravings, calm the stomach, help with portion control and uplift mood. Personally, I like to add a few drops in my drink bottle and drink it throughout the day. It helps me especially in the afternoons when I feel like a little chocolate treat or when I want to eat just for the sake of it (who feels me haha).


NOTE: I would recommend adding a petal diffuser with this kit ($58 wholesale), so you can diffuse when sleeping or throughout the day.

** This kit includes the $35 membership


RRP - $400 AUD
Wholesale - $300 AUD

If you have little ones then you will want to check out this kit.

It contains 9 of the most popular oils which come in a 10ml roller bottles.  

Although the oils contained in this kit are the same (minus Lemon), as our home essentials kit, the main point of difference is the fact they are already diluted with fractionated coconut oil making them an easy and convenient way to apply. They are ideal for children, as well as adults however I do find my Nieces and Nephews love applying the rollers to their body and is a great habit for them to get into at such a young age. Due to the rollers being pre diluted, this does however mean you cannot put them in your diffuser. 

This kit also comes with doTERRA beadlets.

Peppermint - I use these daily now instead of chewing gum. You receive 125 beadlets, all containing 1/4 drop of Peppermint oil, which leave your breath feeling minty and fresh. Few of Peppermint benefits include good digestion, respiratory support, energy and helps me when feeling car sick. I also make sure I have these on hand as they are the perfect size to have in your bag

On Guard - These are great to keep in your handbag for when you feel you are picking up a bug, or when people around you are showing signs of being sick. They also contain 1/4 drop On Guard oil per beadlet, and just as the Peppermint you receive 125 per container. 


** This kit includes your $35 membership


RRP - $165.33
Wholesale - $124

The reason I love this kit, is because it covers emotions from mood swings, sleep, feelings of anxiety and depression and has the affect to create a positive and uplifting mood.

Balance - “The oil of Grounding”. A combination of tree oils and roots.  It is a very calming oil, promotes tranquility and often used for anxiety or depression. When I am having a mood swing (so not often lol) or fight with Sam this is my go to oil. Soak in a bath, diffuse when sleeping, apply to children, take in labour room and diffuse

Lavender Peace - “The oil of tranquility”. This oil has a powerful effect on the mind and heart. Can’t switch off at night, diffuse lavender peace and apply to the bottom of your feet to promote relaxation (Great for kids). Apply 4 drops to a warm bath for a peaceful and renewing aroma that will melt away any unwanted tight emotions and help with insomnia. Having a family get together, diffuse this to set the mood as it will help with any unwanted tension. Mentally fatigued? Inhale straight from the bottle

Citrus Bliss - 

Elevation - “The oil of Joy”. It was formulated to overcome feelings of despair and hopelessness. A very uplifting oil that you can apply on your heart, ears, neck, thymus, temples, across brow and on wrists. You can also apply this to your bathwater. Creates a positive mood and feelings of confidence. Stimulating and uplifting oil to use when sad, feeling depressed, postpartum depression, stressed. Apply 1 -2 drops to your chest if you get heartburn

NOTE: I would recommend adding a petal diffuser with this kit ($58 wholesale), so you can diffuse when sleeping or throughout the day.

** This kit does NOT include your $35 membership which you will need


Did someone say free?

Guess What?? Did I mention that once you become a wholesale member, not only do you receive all of your products at 25% off, but you are also able to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).  
This is doTERRA’s way of giving you free oils, product points for each order and your shipping back in product points. We can discuss this in detail though once you have signed up, so what will your first order be?

If these kits are not fitting into your budget, no stress!
You can always just start with the $35 membership and we can customise your order for you, with a few oils or diffuser to get your starter