Home Essentials Kit



  • All things respiratory

  • I love diffusing this one every night, not only for its respiratory support but to help promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • If Sam is snoring, I make him put it up his nose which helps clear his nose passage

  • When I am blocked up I like to combine some Easy Air with Lime, Digestzen and Peppermint into a 10ml roller bottle topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil. I then roll this over the bridge of my nose and sinus areas

  • Add a few drops in the corner of your shower. Just by inhaling the aroma it will help you open up your airways if feeling a little constricted, waken up your mind and stimulate mental activity.

  • Sam applies this oil up his nose before playing footy to open his airways up (it can be a bit hot so put a little bit of Fractionated Coconut oil with it first.

  • If you have asthma, instead of going for your asthma puffer next time reach for your Easy Air. Apply two drops in the palm of your hand (can also add a drop of Frankincense with it), rub them together and cup your hands. Inhale deeply like you would a normal puffer. Take a few deep and slow breaths.  


  • “The oil of breath”. Addresses the inability to let go of grief and pain and be open to receive love and healing. Used by people who struggle to breath and literally feel suffocated by sadness. People who feel unloved, grieve the love they have never received. Deepens one’s connection to life and supports relationship with spirit. Teaches people to embrace life through breath. Let go (by breathing out), and receive (by breathing in).