The title of this gift box doesn't lie. I wanted to do up a gift box which incorporates all the things that come with feeding your precious little baby. From sore and tender breasts, leaking boobs, excess milk supply, bottle feeding, a non tox soother for once baby is fed, and a beautiful blend for Bubs tummy to help with any gas or bowel movements


Savs Serenity Tummy Blend 10ml:

Is your child often squirming, kicking their legs up and suffer from belly discomfit? I know how I feel when I am all bloated and have a pain in my belly. Next time this happens with your bub you will want to apply this blend to their belly which will allow their discomfort to ease. With any luck not too long after using it they will do a poo or pass wind #fartexplosion.

Simply apply around child’s navel clockwise to help with digestion, gas & fussiness


Ginger, Peppermint, Tarragon, Fennel, Caraway, Coriander and Anise, Wild Orange, Fractionated Coconut Oil


Baby Bottle:

This bottle is 150ml making it the perfect nursing size for newborns.
The bottles are hand blown borosilicate glass, which is dishwasher-safe and thermal shock resistant (meaning it can withstand heating, cooling and is microwave safe).

The logo & measurement has been sandblasted on so it doesn’t have any leachable compounds (chemicals). The teat which is made from all-natural rubber, free from hardening agents and any harmful chemical compounds and perfectly shaped for composite and or bottle feeding. The rubber must not be exposed to extreme heat although the glass bottle can be sterilised in any unit
All components of this bottle are free of plastics, BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC


Breast Milk Bags:

These pre-sterilized ready to use Milky Goodness milk storage bags, allow you to safely refrigerate or freeze your breast milk. These bags are made with durable material (BPA FREE) that allows for freezing, heating, thawing, transportation and come with a dual zip preventing any leakage. Each bag is designed to either self-stand or lay down and does comes with a note section enabling you to write the date expressed, expiry date and volume


Natural Soother:

This Eco-friendly Biodegradable Orthodontic Natural Rubber Soother, is one of the safest and most hygienic dummies on the market. It’s on piece design eliminates places where bacteria can hide. The larger shield touches the babies nose providing closer simulation to breast feeding. Its flatter shape makes it the ideal dummy to prevent future dental issues. It is made with 100% sustainable natural rubber from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis. It is BPA FREE and has NO chemical softeners, NO Parabens, NO PVC, NO Phthalates and is easy sterilisation. This Natural Soother comes in a reusable case allowing for convenient and hygienic storage


Reusable Breast Pads:

My Little Gumnut Reusable Breast Pads have been designed to provide protection and comfort during your breastfeeding journey.

The Reusable Breast Pads are made with three layers, each specifically selected with comfort in mind. A layer of soft bamboo will sit against your skin, followed by a layer of microfiber for absorbancy, topped with a waterproof and breathable PUL layer to prevent any embarrassing leakages!

The Bamboo layer is designed to draw the wetness away from your skin, keeping your skin dry. Bamboo is breathable and has antibacterial properties which help reduce the risk of infections, such as mastitis.

The breast pads are comfortable to wear and will fit perfectly into your bra. The Breast Pads are approx 12cm in diameter and will suit most cup sizes, as the most important thing is that they cover the nipple.

These Breast Pads are machine washable. We recommend changing your Breast Pads frequently to keep your skin dry.


Ice Breast Pads:

Throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts go through some tender moments.

Each BodyICE Woman breast pad has been designed to fit comfortably inside your bra and around your nipples to provide relief from soreness associated with breast feeding, blocked milk ducts and engorgement.

The breast pads are cleverly designed to conform around your breast pump and when heated, can help ease the flow of milk and blocked milk ducts.


* All gift packs come in a white magnetic box, which have been wrapped with love in custom eco friendly tissue paper

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