This would have to be the easiest way to use your essential oils, especially when you are out and about. Research has shown that the scent of essential oils can cause reactions in chemical sensors in the brain. Because of this, aromatic use allows the essential oil user to achieve a desired effect, depending on the chemical structure of the essential oil. Many essential oils contain chemical properties that have been shown to promote relaxing feelings, a calming atmosphere, and the ability to soothe anxious feelings when used aromatically. Don’t have a diffuser? Get one… All of dōTERRA diffusers have an auto turn off (so it will turn itself off it water is running low or the time has run up). This also makes them safe to have in your children’s rooms as they don’t heat up and have a fine mist and night light. You will use your diffuser (well you should be), every single day and it is possibly the simplest way to receive the aromatherapy benefits of your oils.

Other great ways I like to receive the benefits of aromatic uses are;

  • apply a few drops to a dryer ball or sheet and add it with a batch of laundry

  • apply to a cotton ball and place in the air vents of your car (this is a great tip if you get motion sickness)

  • Place a drop of oil in your hand, rub your palms together, cup the hands over your nose, and inhale,

  • Place two or three drops of essential oil on the floor during a shower (keeping oil away from the water path) and breathe in

  • Stick a few drops of essential oil on a newspaper and place at the bottom of a trash can to help with the smell


Did you know that due to the molecular composition of essential oils, they are easily absorbed by the skin and therefore can enter the bloodstream in less than a minute (say what).
You will often hear me say that it is important to use a carrier oil when applying your oils topically, but did you know why? Since essential oils are lipophilic (it means they are attracted to and dissolve in fatty substances), by using a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, it helps spread the oil further and drive the oils deeper. In turn, you are using less oil which is prolonging the life of your oils. If you are someone who has sensitive skin or if you are applying the oils to your children, it is very important to use a carrier oil. If you ever apply oil to your skin and forget to dilute and you find it getting hot or irritated, grab ANY oil and apply to affected area which will ease the sensation (same applies if you get it in your eye). Do not use water as this will only intensify it and drive the oil deeper.
When applying topically to your skin, please avoid getting oils in your eyes, up your nose (unless through a nasal inhaler), and in your ear canal. Applying essential oils to your feet is the most common place due to our pores being the largest in this area allowing for the oil to absorb quicker (you might want to put some socks on afterwards). It is also a great spot for anyone with sensitive skin or young children/babies (or if you are ever just in doubt and unsure where to apply).
You can also apply the oils to other areas of your body for physical or emotional support (eg. Joints and muscles, temples for head or neck tension, over the heart and down the spine for emotional support)


Yes, we can take dōTERRA essential oils internally!
This is a frequently asked question and a lot of people are reluctant in taking them internally because of what other people may have told them or they have read in relation to ‘essential oils’. It is important to know that any of dōTERRA bottles that have a “supplement” label on it can be taken internally, while bottles that just say “ingredients” should only be used topically or aromatically.
I am someone who is unable to have sugar but yet every now and then crave that fizzy drink. To supplement this, I have a glass of soda or mineral water and apply 1 – 2 drops of Lemon essential oil, (Lime with vodka and soda also works a treat). Grapefruit is another favourite of mine so I often drink this in my water bottle throughout the day.
Note, if you are drinking these oils to ensure you are using a glass or stainless steel glass or bottle. We do not use plastic with dōTERRA essential oils unless we are using a soapy base product with it. Another way of ingesting these incredible oils is through a vegetable cap (I use dōTERRA brand, which you can purchase through the US warehouse if you are a member). This is the best way to consume any ‘hot oils’, such as oregano. We make our own cold and flu tablets using Lemon, On Guard, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Oregano which is very handy during those cooler months.
Did you know that dōTERRA essential oils have powerful antioxidant properties, support your metabolism and digestion, healthy inflammatory response to your cells and much more.

Still a sceptic?
Don't worry, it took me a while to realise what benefits I was missing out on before I started using doTTERA Essential Oils too. Maybe you just need a little nudge in the right direct ;)
I would be happy to assist and help you feel more confident in using this product. Send me a message so we can get connected!